Writing On It All

Writing On It All began on Governors Island, in New York Harbor, in 2013 with a series of seven sessions in which artists, writers,
and interested members of the public experimented with writing on the interior of an out-of-use house. The 2014 season can be viewed here.

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Alexandra Chasin Brief: A Novel

An art vandal makes a passionate plea to a judge: you, the reader. Maybe history is the real culprit. In the app, randomly placed images evoke 1961, the year of the narrator's birth. Get the app here.

Alexandra Chasin Kissed By

In this collection of linguistically acrobatic fictions, Alexandra Chasin employs forms as diverse as cryptograms and sentence diagrams to reveal the relation between verbal and visual effects. Love, loss, longing, war, and innovation of fictional form.

Alexandra Chasin Selling Out: The Gay and Lesbian Movement Goes to Market

What is the relationship between the gay and lesbian niche market and the social movement that fights for the civil rights of gay men and lesbians?